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if you are happy with your images, then share them... tell me to take off the password protection, or send everyone you know the log-in details.

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This is where you view your images (and share & order them too). Simply find your name on list, click on it to get to your own page & follow the log in instructions I sent you. (just email me if you’ve lost them)

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I put your photos up for a couple of weeks so you can trim the selection down a bit before your viewing session. After the viewing session I will take them down (due to online space restrictions I have to remove them to make space for new sessions). So if your pictures are no longer available online, it doesn’t mean they have disappeared! If you paid the modest included fee for lifetime storage at your session time or have paid it since, simply ask me to put your images back up again if you want. If you decided not to pay the fee, ask me to check if I still have your images & if I have, you can see them again once the storage fee is paid.

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