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I love sharing great new images with you & it’s fantastic when you tell me what you think!

I enjoy posting up new photos, so you can see how varied my style can be. Do let me know if you like / don’t like any particular image as it is always good to know whether I’m on track...

The main picture on my home page is the photo of the week, so it changes regularly. Clicking on it will take you to the photo of the week gallery, where you can browse through all the past images I’ve posted up.

If an image has a ‘Buy Me!” flash in the bottom right corner, it means you can buy a print of it if you wish (the others are client’s pictures which are not for sale, but you can always commission me to take a similar one for you!).

Simply fill in the details here & purchase the one (or ones) you want...

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any new image that is for sale has a ‘Buy Me’ flash in the corner. If you see that, feel free to order a copy for yourself or as a gift. Of course if you want me to take one just like it of you...



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