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I have one of the few prime 500mm lenses (which with a x2 converter becomes a 1000mm lens!) in New Zealand. Sorry to sound geeky, but it really does let me get close to the action in sports like wakeboarding, surfing, sailing etc. If sport is your thing, come & talk to me & we can plan some great images of you in action.

Of course, there are also closer sports that don’t require such a beast of a lens, so don’t worry if your sport doesn’t cover quite the same acreage! I do enjoy bringing sports people into the studio for dynamic portraits, so if it’s a action image that grabs you you’re after, give me a call.



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$299 incl gst.


  1. *You will obviously dress for the sport, whether we’re in the studio or on location, but do try & make sure your kit is presentable...

  2. *If you’d like the services of a professional hair or makeup person, make sure you let me know when you book.

  3. *If there is equipment involved - racquet, skis etc & the shoot is in the studio, please do pay careful attention to cleaning - what looks good in action can look disappointing under the lights.

  4. *But most importantly, just relax & don’t worry about these guidelines if you don’t want to!


Please do just call me if you have any questions or want me to book you in. Otherwise, you can go ahead & fill in the appropriate form, depending on whether the session is for yourself or a gift, then you’ll be taken to my payment page where you can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Weekends & evenings are in high demand, so I do need a 20% deposit paid to secure any weekend appointment.

You can read all about my gift vouchers on the pricing page if you’d like to know more.

What’s included...

  1. *An unhurried studio or location action session, approximately 60-90 minutes, anywhere in auckland...

  2. *$200-worth of hand prints, to be selected by viewing day, or within 6 weeks of the session, whichever is sooner. (See my handprint price sheet to understand what you can get for that)

  3. *A money-back guarantee. If you don’t like any of the images, you can have another session free of charge, or your money back.

  4. *An online pre-viewing gallery of your session images, so you can see them in the comfort of your own home & share them with friends & family anywhere in the world.

  5. *Complimentary lifetime storage of your image files with the Image Archives, so they will always be there for you to see again.

It’s all very well seeing a selection of great images from different shoots, but to give you an idea of what to expect, here is a full surfing session...

(or free for members of the ‘cute kids’ or family club)

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